DIY: Tissue Paper Flowers

The Party Ville tissue paper flowers

Now it’s the time of the year when the flowers start coming out too, so this inspired me to create some tissue paper flowers for the next parties.

For this occasion I chose to create the flowers with golden paper, to give them a more sophisticated look as they will be used to decorate the first birthday of one of our favorite bars in town: Octans.

Here you can find the instructions to create them on your own step by step:


– Scissors

– Tissue Paper

– Twine or wire


1. Fold the tissue paper as an accordion folding every 3 cm.

DIY Paper Flowers Luxembourg

2. Once folded, put all the layers together and cut the edges in the shape of a triangle

DIY Paper

3.Fold the accordion in half to mark the middle and tie the twine or wire there.


5. Finally separate the layers one by one, starting first with one half.

DIY Flower Pom Poms

6. Separate the layers on the second half and you are finished.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

So now you are finished! You can create a nice backdrop with the flowers for your next party. The flowers should look like the ones on the picture below:








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