DIY: Washi Tape Vases Deco

Washi Tape Vases Deco

I am a washi tape lover, I think whoever invented this beautiful tapes had a great idea! Wash tape is very useful for decorating, as you can easily add some pieces of it to nearly any material and transform it into something beautiful.

Today I want to share with you how you can upcycle some simple glass jars into flower vases and decorate them with wash tape. It is very surprising how wash tape will create a whole different look and make the jar stand out.

So this is how you do it, this will literally take  you 1 minute to do.



– Your favourite washi-tapes

– Scissors

– Empty transparent glass jars or bottles


1. Wash your empty transparent glass jars or bottles and remove any labels

2. Measure the circumference of the jars/bottles and cut pieces of wash tape on that size

3. Place the wash tape pieces into the jar or bottle

Yes, it is that simple! and it looks very cool, have you ever tried decorating something with washi-tape? Share with us your experience.




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