DIY: Tassel Garlands

Tassel Garland Tutorial

Tassel Garlands are perfect to decorate a party, you can customise them in the colours and patterns you want and they will always look beautiful. Tassel Garlands are also very easy to do on your own and today I will show you step by step how to do one.


– Tissue Paper

– Metallic Wrap Paper

– Scissors

– Twine

– Hot Glue


1. Take a sheet of tissue paper of the colour of your choice and fold it in half.

DIY - Tassel Garlands

2. Now fold it again in half as seen below.

DIY - Tassel Garlands

3.Fold it one more time as sen below:

DIY - Tassel Garlands

4. Fold it one more time in half on the long side so you have a narrower sheet, as seen below.

DIY - Tassel Garlands 2

5. Now start to cut stripes with the scissors of around 1cm wide, leave around 10 cm of space on the top of the paper as seen on the picture below:

DIY - Tassel Garlands

6. After cutting the stripes you will have the tassel effect, now just separate the tissue paper into two sections as seen below:

DIY - Tassel Garlands 4

7. Start rolling the tissue paper sheet as seen below until you have it all rolled.

DIY - Tassel Garlands 5

8. Now twist the roll harder so you can form a loop like on the picture, leave the tassels without rolling.

DIY - Tassel Garlands

9. So you are finished with the tassel, once you twist both sides should come together to form the complete tassel,

DIY - Tassel Garlands 6

10. Now continue creating different tassels in different colours until you have minimum twelve of them.

DIY Tassel Garland

11. Add the tassels to a string and secure them with a drop of hot liquid glue. I recommend you to leave 10cm in between each tassel to make your tassel garland look prettier.

Tassel Garland DIY

I hope it was easy to do, let me know if you tried this tutorial or if you have already done some tassel garlands before.


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