DIY: Bachelor Party Favours

DIY Bachelor party favors

For the bachelor party organised last week, I created some personalized party favors with up cycled jelly glass jars and some candies. This project was a great way to give the guests a nice souvenir of the party and decorate the tables as well.

So now I would like to share with you the step by step tutorial on how you can do these party favours on your own. I hope you try it one time.


Party favors materials

– Foam lips

– Clean Glass Jars

– Scissors

– Ribbon

– Candies to fill in the jars

– Black marker or sharpie

– Glue

– Red sequins



1. Take the glass jars and the black marker and start decorating them, I did some heart shapes as you can see on the picture below.

Bachelor party favours

2. Now take the tap of the jars and add a personalised message with the black marker as seen below.

DIY bachelor party favors

3. Paste the foam lips on the tap and make a bow on the neck of the jar with the ribbon.

bachelor party favours

4. Paste the red sequins with glue on the border of the taps and let them dry.

bachelor party favor

5. Finally place the candies or gummies inside the jars and you are finished!

Bachelor party favours

Bachelor Party Favors


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