Star Wars Party

The Party Ville Star Wars Party

The first party of March was a Star Wars party to celebrate a very special 3rd birthday, I  enjoyed a lot planning and decorating this party. A Star Wars party is a very popular theme this year as the last movie: Star Wars Episode VII came out some months ago.

There is a lot of inspiration you can take for the party at the movie and add some elements of decoration to represent the space, darkness, force, etc to create a great party. After getting some ideas, I used Pinterest to search for more ideas and create an inspiration board. You can see the inspiration board here.

The first thing to choose for this party were the colours, i focussed on black, silver and white as a base and added a few green, blue and red details. Chevron patterns were also chosen for the backdrop + tableware and matched with some polka dots straws and confetti.

There are so many activities for this theme, as in involves space, stars, lights, Jedi training, robots, etc. So to narrow down I decided to choose the following:

  • Jedi training room- including balloons, pool noodle lightsabers, upcycled cans toss game, lift the ball game and find glow in the dark items game.
  • R2D2 craft activity
  • Create your own lightsaber craft activity
  • Death Star Piñata activity

I also created some simple star wars tunics for each child so they could be feeling like jedis at the party. The kids had a lot of fun with the different games specially the jedi training room where they had to be in the dark with glowing lights fighting the different obstacles of the training.

Here are some pictures of the party, what do you think? Are you planning a Star Wars party soon?

Star Wars Party

StarWars Party table decorStar Wars Party TablesetStar Wars Party Table suppliesStar Wars Party Blue deco

Star Wars Piñata Luxembourg

Star Wars Party Marshmallows

Star Wars Party CupcakesStar Wars Party MarshmallowsStar Wars Party CutleryStar Wars Party GreenStar Wars Party Red decoStar Wars Party RedStar Wars Party table decorStar Wars party table

Star Wars Party Games for Kids








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