DIY: Casino Party Centerpieces

DIY CASINO PARTY CENTERPIECESOne of the main DIY projects of this party was the centerpieces for the high tables where people would sit, there are many options out there, however I really wanted something that will look elegant and classic, while integrating some recycled materials or reusing some stuff that I already had before.

If you want to do this decorations by yourself you can find the instructions below:

DIY Casino Centerpieces materials


-Wooden sticks


-Black feathers

-Red feathers

-Wine glasses

-Colored cardboard

-Decorative elements:ribbon,beads,etc


-Glue gun

– Sand


1. Cut a piece of wire of about 60 cm, if the wire is too thin, then twist two or 3 of them together.

Casino Centerpieces materials

2. Take a wooden stick and twist the wire on one of the ends as seen on the picture below. Secure the wire to the stick with a drop of hot glue.

Casino Centerpieces tutorial

3. Now take your feathers and start gluing them one by one to the wire, make sure that you don’t leave any empty spaces.

Casino Centerpieces diy

4. Now that your feathers are ready, take the glass of wine and wrap the cardboard around it.

Casino Centerpieces diy

5. Mark the cardboard where you want to cut it and cut it, now make a second cut of around 15 cm as seen on the picture below, you should get a rectangle.

DIY Casino Centerpieces

6. Paste the cardboard and decorate it with the decorative elements like ribbons, buttons, beads, feathers, etc.

DIY Casino Centerpieces

7. Finally add some sand inside the wine glasses and place the candle.

Casino Centerpieces materials

This is how it will look at the end:

DIY Casino Centerpieces decorations


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