DIY: Casino Party Photo booth


I love photo booths, I think they are great decorative elements and they are fun on any type of party, as you invite people to take pictures and disguise themselves a bit with the different elements provided.

To be honest, creating a photo booth is also very easy and there are so many ways to create one, if you want to learn more about it, take a look at my post: How to create a photo booth.

So for the Casino Night occasion I created one and also some elements, here are the instructions on how to create one.


– 2.5 m Red felt,

– 2 m White felt

– 0.5 m Black felt

– 1 m Green felt

– Wooden sticks

– Shinny golden paper

– Cardboard Boxes

– White tissue paper

– Scotch

– Hot Glue Gun



1. Start by creating your small costume elements, use the black felt to create the shapes of mustaches, hats and sunglasses. And for poker the two black signs of the playing cards. Draw those elements into the black felt and cut them with scissors.

2. Then move to the red elements, you can draw hearts, lips and the two other red signs of playing cards. Cut them with scissors.

3. Paste the felt figures to the wooden sticks with the hot glue gun. Place the figures in a table on top of the green felt.

4. Now the cardboard boxes to create giant dices, so take the white tissue paper and wrap the boxes on it.

5. Cut circles on the black felt and paste them on the white cardboard boxes.

6. Finally take the 2m of white felt and red felt and place them in a wall, as the backdrop of the photo booth. Add some decorative elements like money signs with shiny golden paper, hearts, cards, etc.

7. To make it even more interesting hang some garlands from the ceiling so they appear on the pictures as well.



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