DIY: Felt Casino Entry Sign


For the Casino Night party, I have created a Casino entry sign, as I didn’t want to add real lights or buy a real casino night sign that probably I will not use very often, I decided to create one with felt.

I was very happy with the results and I would like to share with you how to do it. Below are the instructions.


– 1.5 m Green felt

– 1 m Yellow felt

– Scissors

– Glue Gun

– Pencil

Casino sign materials


1. Take the yellow felt and with the pencil draw the CASINO letters on it. If you are not so good at doing letters you can use a template or print some letters and copy them on the felt. Cut the letters with the scissors

Casino sign diy

2. Take the green felt and draw a rectangle of the size that you wish your sign to be. Once you have drawn the rectangle add on the top and the bottom rounded shapes so you get the form of a casino sign.

Casino Sign DIY

3. Cut the sign shape and paste the yellow felt casino letters on it with the hot glue gun.

Casino sign materials

4. To simulate the casino lights, cut small circles on the yellow felt and paste them on the contour of the sign with the hot glue gun.

Casino sign diy

This is how it looks like at the end.

Casino Sign Tutorial


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