Casino Party Ideas

CASINO PARTY IDEASThis week will be all about casino party decorations, as we had a very special 30th birthday casino party. I love this theme for parties for adults as the guests get to have a lot of fun playing different games and there are a lot of ideas for decorations, animations and activities.

To start the full organization of the party it was important to have an idea of how many people were expected to come so we could find an appropriate location, we were lucky to be able to cooperate with an association who offers people with disabilities working and earning opportunities in the areas of gastronomy, art and garden design. So we were able to do our party in their cafe located in the north of Luxembourg in  Wiltz.

As always I love to create an inspiration board before planing any party, and this one was no exception, so here are some pictures that inspired me for our party, on the next posts I will share with you some DIY projects and decorations made for our Casino night.

Casino party inspiraton board


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