Amazing Upcycled Can Toys!

UPCYCLED CAN TOYSOn my last holidays, I went to Cuba and it was a great experience, I totally recommend it!. Among the souvenirs I found very interesting upcycled can toys, these toys are handmade using the empty cans of local from sodas and beers. I thought this was a wonderful idea and this is why I would like to share with you.

Upcycled can toys are easy to create and look very nice, it is also a good example for our kids to show them how the trash can become something useful and beautiful.

Below are the pictures of the Cuban can toys I bought and some other ones I found on the web. Enjoy!

Recycled Can Camera Toy

Recycled Can Airplane

Upcycled Cans Toys

Upcycled Cans Boat

Can toys

Pictures by Bitrebels

Recycled Toy

Upcycled can jeep

recycled can car

Recycled Can Car

Recycled Can Toys

Recycled Cans toys

Pictures by Inspirationsweb

Upcycled Can Toys

Picture by Redesignreport


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