Flamingo Park Party

MAC Flamingo Park campaignsource: MAC event on Chicme.com

After seeing the new campaign of MAC Cosmetics on the bus stop of Luxembourg, I totally fell in love with their Flamingo Park concept to promote a new pink line of cosmetics, as I thought this was a great inspiration for a new party theme and decided to create a Flamingo Park party inspired on this campaign

As you see on their main campaign photo they present a girl in a magical pink picnic full sounded by flamingos and a lot of lovely sweets and cakes such as: macarons, donuts, pink layered cake, cupcakes etc. There is also a pink picnic tablecloth and a pretty picnic set. So I tried to do a lovely picnic inspired on it

So this is what I got for the party:

1. Pink lemonade beverage

2. Strawberry cupcakes

3. Macarons

4. Rainbow layered cake

5. A lovely tea set

6. Donuts in different sizes

7. Pink ribbons and butterflies

The only thing I couldn’t get were a couple of flamingos lol, but I guess we can use a bit our imagination right?

You can see the photos below, what do you think? Did you also got inspiration to create a pink flamingo park picnic?



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