Easy Ways to Decorate Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakeWe all love wedding cakes, after all they are very big and the center piece to decorate a nice wedding dessert table. Most of the wedding cakes come in layers and require a lot of dedicated work as they have a lot of details, however you can still manage to have a beautiful cake without a lot of details or decorations.

Here we list the top 10 easy to decorate wedding cakes:


Personalize your cake with your initials, this will take care of the decoration and make it very unique.

Initials Wedding CakePhoto: Etsy Shop

2. Ribbons
On each layer add a colorful ribbon either made of fondant or textile, you will create a nice contrast with not a big effort.

Ribbons Wedding CakePhoto: MOD Wedding

3. Flowers
Real flowers or fake flowers can be very nice elements to incorporate to your wedding cake to add a special touch.

Flowers Wedding CakePhoto: Ruffle Blog

4. Garland
Create a custom made garland with the message you wish and the theme colors of your wedding. This will add a special touch to your wedding cake.

Garland in weddng cakePhoto: Style Me Pretty

5. Glitter
Eatable glitter is a fun and shiny way to personalize your wedding cake and add a chic touch.

Glitter Deco Wedding CakePhoto: Sweet On Cake

6. Fruits
Fruits such as berries can be added to your cake to create a fresh, colorful and romantic look.

Wedding Cake with FruitsPhoto by Alders Photography

7. Ombre
You can add the theme colors of your wedding to the frosting of your cake fading from one tone to the other.

Ombre Wedding CakePhoto: Buzzfeed

8. Minimalist
An elegant cake does not necessarily need to have a lot of decorations, you can opt for a very simple white minimalist cake.

Minimalistic Wedding CakePhoto: Jose Villa

9. Naked Cake
A trend of this year is no avoid covering the cakes with frosting, this is called a “naked cake” where you show the inside of the cake and the ingredients. This option can save you a lot of money without compromising beauty.

Naked Wedding CakePhoto: Cake Central

10. Letters Topping
Add a custom made glitter cake topping with a phrase that is important to you, it could be a quote, love song phrase, title, last name etc.

Letters Topping Wedding CakePhoto: Lia Griffith

11. Ruffled
Ruffled cakes are a very nice way to decorate a cake and adding some volume and texture, normally ruffles are easy to do and will avoid high costs on detailed decorations.

Ruffled Wedding CakePhoto: Dear Pearl Flowers

12. Natural Elements
Integrate some natural elements to your cake to save on decorations, you can add leaves, plants, nuts, etc.

Nature Elements Wedding CakePhoto: Bridal Musings

13. Last name First Letter
Add the first letter of your couple’s last name to personalize your wedding cake and use it as the topper.

Letter Wedding CakePhoto: Esty Shop

14. Macarons
Buy some macarons in the colors of your choice and add them to your wedding cake with some wooden sticks, you will create a very original and colorful look.

Macarons Wedding CakePhoto: French Wedding Style


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