Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Milk Jars

Milk Jars Simple

Today is Monday, so it’s time to share share with you something I love, and this time will be “milk jars”.

We often have consume products that come in milk jars or similar and don’t know what do with them. Milk type of jars are smaller than glass bottles and bigger than jelly type of jars. Some products that often come in these type of jars are: ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, spaghetti sauce, milk shake, fruit juice, Starbucks beverages, cream, etc.

Here I add some inspirational milk jars up-cycled into beautiful jars for your next party. Some elements used are lace, glass paint, paper, textile, etc. Enjoy!

Milk Jars WashitapeMilk Jars by Bren Did

Milk Jars PaintMilk Jars by Catch My Party

Milk Jars Paper DoiliesMilk Jars by Miss Mouse Boutique

Milk Jars FabricMilk Jars by Lobster and Swan

Milk Jars SimpleMilk Jars by Pretty Little Shop

Milk JarsEaster Milk Jars by The Idea Room

Milk JarsBaby Souvenir Milk Jars by Beau-coup

Milk JarsValentine Milk Jars from One Artsy Mama

Milk JarsPastel Colors Milk Jars by Michaels

Milk JarsColors Milk Jars by Kara’s Party Ideas

Milk JarsFlowers Milk Jars by eighteen25

Milk JarsCoffee Gift Milk Jar by One Artsy Mama

Milk JarsLace Milk Jars by Live Laugh Love


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