Dog 1st Birthday Party

Dog Party Candy BarFor this month, Baillie Stracciatella, our little Border Collie turned 1. For her first birthday I decided to create a Dog Birthday Party. We invited Baillie’s dog friends, the ones that she has meet at Dog School or in the daily walks at the park. We had 6 dogs joining the party plus their families and some children.

It was very fun to have a Dog themed party, as I could also create a dessert table, but with a mix of human desserts and dog treats. I have to admit that the dog treats were looking very similar to the human food, so it was important to add some name tags so people will not be eating dog food instead of human food.

You can see some pictures below, I hope you enjoy! Have you ever done a Dog Birthday Party? How do you normally celebrate your dog’s birthday?

The invitations:

Baillie's Birthday Invitation

Dog Party Envelopes    Dog Party Invitation1

The Printables:

Dog Party Bottle Tags  Dog Party Bottles

Dog Party Labels Dog treats

Human and dog cakes:

Dog Party Cake

Dog Dessert Table:

Dog Party Candy Bar

Dog Party Dessert Table

Dog treats:

Dog Party Dessert Table1    Dog Party Treats

Table decoration:

Dog Party Table

Dog Party Tableware

Thank you cards:

Dog Party Invitations

Dog Invitations

Baillie Stracciatella:

Baillie Stracciatella Birthday


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