1920’s Speakeasy Party

1920's speakeasy party title

Happy 2014!

So I would like present you our first party of the year: 1920’s Speakeasy Party. This was the theme for a 28th birthday which was celebrated in a house built in the 20’s.

It is difficult to come up with ideas for a theme party when you are celebrating 28 years old, normally I find it much easier to come up with ideas for kids parties as there are so many themes, but adults parties are tricky, as you need to make sure everyone has fun without being to childish.

The idea of a 20’s birthday party came because of the location, as I already told you the location was a very old house built on the 1920’s, so the decoration will be much easier.

The decorations was easy, as the guests came dressed as in the 1920’s and on the speakeasy time the alcohol and cigarettes where not allowed, so we just hid the alcohol bottles into brown recycled paper bags. The men had some cigars and the women as well but the ones that are long and thin.

I collected some pictures on Pinterest to get some inspiration, you can see them below together with the pictures of the party. Enjoy!

1920's speakeasy party inspiration


1920's speakeasy party mafioso

1920's speakeasy party mafia

1920's speakeasy party cigars

1920's speakeasy party..

1920's speakeasy party Luxembourg house

1920's speakeasy party girls

1920's speakeasy party costumes

1920's speakeasy party drinks

1920's speakeasy party people

1920's speakeasy party couple

1920's party

1920's party luxembourg

1920's speakeasy party drinks

1920's party luxembourg



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