DIY: Simple Wedding Bride and Groom Popcakes

Bride and Groom Pop cakes

Wedding pop cakes look beautiful, more and more I see pop cakes offered in parties in Europe, I really love them as I think they look so beautiful and taste great.

I want to share with you some pictures of wedding bride and groom popcakes I baked for a friend’s wedding. I have seen many different variations of bride and groom’s popcakes on internet, however the ones I made seemed to be the easiest to create as the details are simple. However it was still very difficult for me to create all those details.

For the decoration of these popcakes this is what you need:


– Coconut flakes
– Red Heart shaped sprinkles
– Pink Heart shaped sprinkles
– Pink small sprinkles
– Chocolate circle chips
– White melted chocolate
– Dark melted chocolate
– Plastic or wooden sticks


1.After baking your pop cake balls with your favorite cake recipe. Melt the white chocolate until it is liquid enough to play with it. It should be less than 30 degrees.

2. Add a drop of white chocolate to the stick and insert it on the cake ball, let it dry and insert the cake ball into the white melted chocolate until fully covered.

3. For the bride, add some coconut flakes to the ball while the white chocolate is still not dry. Then add the pink small sprinkles to simulate the necklace and the pink heart at the middle.

4. For the groom, melt the dark chocolate into a pot and insert the cake ball already covered in white chocolate and dry into the dark chocolate. Add 2 red heart sprinkles to simulate the tie and one chocolate circle chips to simulate a button.

I hope you like the pictures, let me know if you have ever tried doing some pop cakes and what was the result.

Bride and Groom Pop cakes Bride and Groom Pop cakes

Bride and Groom Pop cakes


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