Halloween Party

Halloween Party Millicom

As Halloween is today, I thought it was a great opportunity to start baking again, I wanted to do something nice at work related to Halloween, so why not a Halloween dessert table?

I started yesterday night at around 8pm and finished… mmmm …. a bit late, lets just say after midnight.. But it was worth it, because my colleagues were really happy and we could have something different at the office.

This time I decided to make some orange, lemon and chocolate cupcakes. I guess since the collors of Halloween are orange, green and black =). And I used a cream cheese buttercream for the top. As decorations, I created some pumkin figures in orange fondant and added some details in green. The results were not so amazing, since I didn’t had more time, but at least they tasted good. I also baked some popcakes, but had no time to decorate them, I guess I’ll finish them later and write a separate post about them =).

Apart from the cupcakes, I got inspiration on internet so make some spiders with mellow cakes, I thought it was an easy and cool idea so I gave it a try! I bought some mellow cakes from Milka and some gummies in black rolls, to make the legs, then I added some melted chocolate drops for the eyes and ready! really easy!

halloween millicom halloween millicom

halloween millicom halloween millicom halloween millicom


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