Start of 2018 Brunch

The Party Ville Brunch

Lately, we have not had time too much time to publish our latest events on here on our blog, sorry for that, but we had a very busy end of 2017, and surprisingly a very busy January and start of February too! This is great news, as our little start up business in Luxembourg is growing more and more each month, but at the same time, we don’t have much time anymore, to write here and tell you all the stories behind each event 😉

So as you might already know, we started exploring the Luxembourg party planner business in mid 2016, while we were preparing to open our Party Shop in Luxembourg city too. Then parties went very good, and we had a lot of happy clients, so we were asked to organise and decorate weddings too and we loved it! And then, by the end of the year, we got our first corporate event in Luxembourg  and we were thrilled to create a theme party for our client which was a great experience. So story short, 2016 and 2017 came and we had more and more clients, more and more parties and the team also started growing!

Nikki Nagy which you might have seen already a lot on our behind the scenes pictures from last year, started to help out with the parties and became our first crafting/decorating buddy ;). Then came Kadri, our paper beauty expert, who can do any custom paper craft, supply, decoration, invitations, etc. She was such a great person to have and has helped us a lot for the last year!. In the meantime, Aisela, offered to help us with decorating parties too, she has such a nice eye for detail and capturing the beautiful moments. Then came Teddi, a super passionate decorator, planner and animator, that also speaks a lot of languagues! It was great when she joined the team by the end of 2017 and we had so much fun together. Finally 2017 closed with meeting Alexandra, our event planning partner, who has a lot of experience and shares the same view and values as we share. Soon many new things will come, but for now I have to stop here with the story.

Party Planner Luxembourg

So now, the brunch! We thought that after doing so many parties and celebrating with others, it was time for The Party Ville to celebrate the past year, and the best time was in February, when the high season was over, and we could concentrate on our new goals for 2018. So a Sunday brunch was the best idea, something pretty, informal and relaxed, where we could all share our wishes for this year and have a nice time. We were very lucky to meet Diana Shevchyk, who offered to take some nice pictures of our first anniversary party and you will see, she did a great job!

Brunch Luxembourg

Party Decoration Luxembourg

Party Organisation Luxembourg

Party Planner Luxembourg city

Party Planner Luxembourg

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

The Party Ville Luxembourg



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