Snowy Winter Wedding

Wedding Luxembourg

Winter has been quite snowy in Luxembourg this year, but at the same time very pretty! So we couldn’t leave the opportunity to partner up with F&G Photography to shoot a beautiful Snowy Winter Inspiration Wedding photo shooting on the nice forests of Luxembourg.

As you light have seen recently we have been doing more and more weddings, which goes really good with our experience as party planners and we each time try to push our creativity to come with very nice ideas and decorations. Also our preferred suppliers is getting bigger and bigger, Luxembourg is very small and this is great as it is easy for us to meet constantly a lot of talented professionals.

So coming back to the Luxembourg Winter Wedding photo shooting, we decided to really spontaneously collect some ideas from our favourite tool Pinterest, create an inspiration board, and start working on creating a cold colours inspired winter wedding. You can see our Pinterest Winter Wedding Inspiration Board here.

To start the set up, we had the support from Options to show their beautiful chairs and tableware, while at the same time we could show some of our decoration elements and use our creativity to transform our vintage table into an elegant winter wedding table.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

We had pictured in our mind the look and feeling we wanted for the photo shooting, so we filled in our van with lots of decorations from our stock such as: lanterns, candle holders, fabrics, flowers, trays, cutlery, etc and at the forest in the middle of the cold, we started taking out element by element while transforming the place into what we had in mind. I have to say that the set up all together looked beautiful and through the lens Gretel from F&G Photography everything looked even nicer.

The colour palette we chose for this wedding decoration was white (of course as the snow is white), grey and cream. Very neutral and cold colours that could go well with the amazing snow forest landscape.

DSC4366 copy

For the flowers, we looked for flowers that could match the colour palette and at the same time would add volume, we tried to avoid roses, as they are quite traditional and on that specific week, which was the same week as Valentine’s day roses were very expensive! So instead we had a not too common flower ( I couldn’t find the exact name for this type of flower ) mixed with baby eucalyptus and a bit of baby breath or gypsophila.

Even though it was freezing and being 3 hours outdoors was quite a challenge, the results were amazing, so all the effort was worth it. Here I leave you some pictures of the photo shooting, let me know your comments and hopefully they will inspire too.













Winter Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Luxembourg Wedding



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