Little Cars Party

Little Cars Party

This was another sweet first birthday party for a lovely boy! The theme of little cars was a sweet and colourful theme full of happiness and bright colours.

One of the main inspirations for the planning of this party, was the bright walls of the room where the party will take place, our client wanted to have a very colourful party, that will bring the cars theme, as the little baby boy loves to play with cars. The colours chosen where the primary colours and rainbow colours so they will make a nice contrast on the yellow walls of the room.

Little Cars Party 16

The little cars had the shape of little beetles and were mixed with the element to add a sweeter feeling to the decoration. We started by colouring a blue canvas in blue with some white ombre to simulate the sky and clouds. The canvas will be the main backdrop of the party adding a happy birthday garland in bright colours and a number 1 with cars. Then on each side of the backdrop we added 3 colourful balloons: yellow, red and blue.

To decorate the dessert table we painted the letters O N E and added different wooden boxes to create different levels for the food and snacks. Then we added transparent glass trays where we placed the delicious cupcakes made by Dream Cakes and delicious personalised frosting cookies baked by Sweet Inc.

Little Cars Party 12

We also had custom made paper decorations on the theme made by Paper Beauty and More, the decorations included cupcake wrappers, pop corn boxes, bottle labels and tags.

Additionally we added two beverage dispensers with delicious scented water, and to add even more colour we made tassel garlands in several rainbow colours and hanged them on the front of the dessert table so the whole table would look more festive.

The cake was done by Kathy’s Cupcakery and it was amazing how good it matched the rest of the decoration and how there were lots of details about Leonard on the cake. We had a second cake in vanilla rainbow frosting created for a smash the cake session by Dream Cakes.

To decorate the main table we placed a light blue table runner on top of a white table cloth, then added a few cupcake stands with fruits. Then we used some mint colour presentation plates and placed a colourful confetti napkin on top from the collection Toot Sweet from Meri Meri Party, and on top added a red scallops plate. To match the decoration we added a paper cup from the same collection and some milk jars with reusable paper straws in mint stripes. Finally we hand painted some wooden cutlery with some details of the baby boy like name, date of birth, etc.

Little Cars Party 14

To make sure that there was a delicious meal for the party, we had the catering company Nitteler Hoff to cook a delicious meal for the party and everyone loved it! Who doesn’t like to have its own personal chef to cook at a party?

Here I share some more pictures of this lovely colourful party! Some more pictures were taken by the talented photographer Nadia Vaisse from Nadia Vaisse Photography.  You can find them at the end of this post ;).

Little Cars Party

Little Cars Party 20

Little Cars Party 18

Little Cars Party 13

Little Cars Party 10

Little Cars Party 8

Little Cars Party 7

Little Cars Party 6

Little Cars Party 5

Little Cars Party 4

Little Cars Party 3

Little Cars Party 1

Little Cars Party 2

And now the beautiful pictures taken by Nadia from Nadia Photography:

birthday party Luxembourg

Cars first birthday Luxembourg

First birthday party Luxembourg 2

First birthday party Luxembourg 3

First birthday party Luxembourg 4

First birthday party Luxembourg 5

First birthday party Luxembourg 6

First birthday party Luxembourg 7

First birthday party Luxembourg


2 thoughts on “Little Cars Party

  1. Hello, good evening. I would like to inquire how much are your packages and inclusions for a 1st birthday party of a 1 yr old Boy. Don’t know yet which theme. its for May 18, 2018. Thanks


    1. Hi Angie, oh sorry I just saw your message, we don’t have packages, you just choose from a pick list, parties can start at 250 EUR. If it is not too late I can send you our price list, but probably for the 18th you must have already booked something else 😦


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