Lion King Party

Lion King Party

The Lion King, is one of the most favourite movies of all times, and now with the new release of the Lion King II seems like the trend it is coming back!

I was very happy to plan this birthday party for Hector, who was turning 4 years old and is a fan of The Lion King II, after all we grew up with the Lion King I movie and our generation is also familiar with the characters and movie.

When planning the party, the first elements that came to our mind were jungle, animal kingdom, nature elements and orange, yellow and green colours. We decided to include also the Lion King movie characters on our decorations as Hector loved them so much.

To start with the decoration we had Paper Beauty and more design the printables such as: mason jars labels, name tags, party bags, birthday garland as well as the pop corn boxes, All the paper decorations kept the look and feel of a jungle and the colours of the theme.

To decorate the table, we had the green leaves plates collection from Meri Meri Party, which you can also buy at our shop Unicorner Concept Store, simple green napkins, wooden cutlery, wood slices to place the drinks and mason jars. We also chose a white table cloth so the table decorations could create some contrast.

Lion King Party 5

For the dessert table, we did not create a backdrop this time, as the venue had beautiful white curtains with natural light, that were a perfect background for the dessert table. We had wooden stands and green palm leaves everywhere. Then we created a tassel garland in the theme colours of the party and added the pop corn boxes and marshmallows for the kids.

At the dessert table we also placed the beautiful cake baked by Celebrating Kids with the design chosen by the mom. The cake was delicious and looked beautiful at our dessert table.

Lion King Party 9

The party was animated with games and face painting for each kid on the theme of jungle animals such as lions, monkeys, zebras, butterflies, etc. The party was a very nice moment for us and the family!

Lion King Party 1

Lion King Party 8

Lion King Party 3

Lion King Party 10

Lion King Party

Lion King Party 7

Lion King Party 6

Lion King Party 4








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