DIY: Animal Jars Favors

DIY Animal Jars Favors

Here is another way to upcycle your jars and transform them into beautiful favours for your next parties. I created this animal jars favours for our Circus Birthday Party and I think they were very easy to do and very pretty.

I love to use jars as party favours as they can be reused lated to store things and they look very pretty, specially the small ones. The advantage is that you can either buy your jars or you can collect them on your own instead of throwing them away. Glass jars are also a more eco-friendly material as they can be easily recycled and transformed into new products. I would say that the only disadvantage of glass jars is that they could eventually break, however as the glass is pretty hard, normally they don’t break that easily.

Well so now you must be wandering how to create these animal jars? As i said before it is very easy; and you only need a few materials, you can check out the step by step DIY tutorial below:


DIY Animal Jars

– Glass Jars

– Hot Glue Gun

– Plastic Animals

– Ribbon

– Candies or other fillers


1. Start by pasting the ribbon on the lid of the jar with the hot glue gun as seen below.

Animals Jars 2

2. Then take the small animal figure in plastic and paste it to the lid with the hot glue gun.

Animal Jars

3. Fill in the glass jars with the candies or any other filling, you can choose gumies, almonds, etc.

Animal Jars 4

4. And now you are finished your animal jar favour should look like the ones below:

Animal Jars favours

DIY Animal Jars 2

Animal Jars DIY

Animal JarsDIY Animal Jars 3


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