DIY: Craft Paper Flowers Bouquet

paper flowers bouquet

Today is Mother’s day in Luxembourg! Also known as “Mammendaag” in Luxembourgish or “Fête des mères” in French. So I thought that these craft paper flowers could make a very nice and simple gift for any mummy.The best part of these craft paper flowers is that anybody can create them, from little kids to older persons, and you only need some colourful paper, scissors and straws, pretty easy to get.

So after creating one bouquet of my own, i decided to show you how to do it by yourself step by step, I hope you try it and let me know how it goes. The instructions are below:


– Craft paper in different colours for the flowers

– Paper straws of normal plastic straws or wooden sticks

– Scissors


1. Start by cutting out the craft paper in flower shapes of around 7 cm.


Paper flowers bouquet

2. Cut out small circles of around  3 cm then make a a hole for the straw in the middle and cut out fringes around it like on the picture below:

Craft paper flowers 3

3. Now make a hole on the flowers as well to fit the straw.

Craft paper flowers 4

4. Finally place the straw on the hole of the flowers and of the circles and you are finished!

Craft paper flowers 5

Craft paper flowers 6

Your bouquet should look like these!

Paper flowers bouquet


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