DIY: Colourful Paper Flowers

Colourful Paper Flowers DIYAs spring days continue, also our spring inspired decorations, these past days I have been doing some colourful tissue paper flowers to decorate our next parties and I thought I will share with you the tutorial so you can try and do them on your own.

These colourful paper flowers are great to decorate many theme parties such as a garden theme party, a tea party or even a  bohemian party. You can either paste them on a backdrop, hang them or place them on a table.

So here are the step by step directions to create them on your own:


– Tissue Paper in different colours

– Scissors

– Pipe Cleaners


1. Take 5 sheets of tissue paper of the colour of your choice and start folding them in accordion style, as seen on the picture below:

DIY Paper Flowers

2. Once you finish folding them, make a cut in half so you can have two accordions of the same size.


3. Now take 3 sheets of tissue paper of a different colour and fold them several times in halves as seen on the picture below:


4.Keep folding them until you have a narrow long sheet like on the picture below:


5. Now make a last fold in the middle.


6. Cut the paper sheets on the middle where you made the last fold so you have two equal parts.


7. Start cutting the edges of the paper sheets in fringes leaving around 3 cm in the middle without cuts.


8. Once you have cut the edges, your paper sheets should be looking like on the picture below:

DIY Paper Flowers

9. Place the sheets cut in fringes in the middle of the accordion paper sheets.


10. Take the pipe cleaner and tie it around both paper sheets as seen below.


11. Fold the fringes out spreading them so form the center of the flower, then unfold the paper sheets in the accordion to form the shape of the flower.


12. And you are finished, your flower should looks like this one:

DIY Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper FlowersDIY Paper FlowersDIY Paper FlowersThe Party Ville Paper Flowers

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers





4 thoughts on “DIY: Colourful Paper Flowers

  1. Such a great way to make a huge impact for little money. Tissue flowers are a fave of mine. When my kids were little they loved making them. We still do use this art for festivities we celebrate here. This is such a lovely tutorial and your pictures are so good! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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