DIY: Tissue Paper Pom poms

DIY TIssue Paper POMPOMSOn this Easter season pastel colours are very used, so this is why I would like to show you how you can create some beautiful flower tissue paper pom poms to decorate your easter parties.

Even if it seems very difficult to create pom pom’s the reality is that it is very easy, you will discover below that in 5 simple steps and a few minutes you will be able to have beautiful handmade pom poms on your favourite colours.

So just follow the instructions below and get ready for a beautiful result.


Pompoms diy

– Tissue paper sheets

– White ribbon

– Wire

– Scissors


1. Put 12 sheets of tissue paper together of the same colour and start folding them as an accordion every 3 cm, as if you were creating a paper fan.

diy paper fans

2. Once all the sheets are folded, put them together and cut the edges rounded as seen below:

diy pompoms

3. Now take the small wire and place it on the middle of the tissue paper sheet, then twist it to hold the tissue paper sheets together.

diy pink pom pom

4. Tie 20 cm of the white ribbon to the wire to hold the pom pom as seen below:

diy pom pom

5. Now start unfolding the tissue paper sheets to form the pom pom, start with one half and then do the other half.

diy pom poms pink

6. Once all the tissue paper sheets are unfolded your pom pom will look like this:

rose pink pom pom

7. Repeat the steps above to create pom poms in different colours and sizes.

pom poms tissue



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