DIY: Newspaper Easter Wreath

DIY Easter Newspaper Wreath

Today I will share with you a project that I learned at an expo in Luxembourg called: Expo Creative. I really loved this exposition as there were so many suppliers of beautiful materials to do crafts and handmade stuff.

I learned how to create this newspaper Easter wreath at the Madart stand, it was a great idea that I could inscribe to some workshops and very talented ladies were able to teach me how to do some crafts. What attracted more my attention was that this project is very ecological as it is based on recycled newspaper and pieces of tissue.

I totally felt in love with it and will definitely be doing more of these at home once Easter gets closer, the only thing is that you really need a lot of patience as this project takes quite some time, but the results are totally worth it!

Here you can see step by step how to do it by yourself, I hope you enjoy!


Easter wreath materials

-Newspaper sheets

-Glue gun

– Scissors

-Fabric in different colors

-Decorative elements: Easter eggs, ribbons, etc.

– Something to tie the newspaper sheets together: ribbon, cord, lace, etc.



1.Cut some newspaper pages into long pieces of approximately 15 cm wide

DIY Easter project

2.Smash the newspaper so it gets compressed

DIY Easter wreath newspaper

3.Tie the newspaper compressed sheets together in the form of a wreath

DIY newspaper wreath

4. Now with the glue gun paste the endings so you get a more rounded wreath

Newspaper Wreath

5.Cut the pieces of fabric into squares of about 10 x 10 cm

Easter fabrics

6. Make a cone with each piece and paste it to the wreath

DIY Easter wreath step2

7.Keep pasting the cones one by one until the full wreath is covered (here is where you need to be patient)

DIY easter wreat steps

8.Add the decorative elements and you are finished!

Easter wreath DIY




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