Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Eco GiftsValentine’s Day is coming soon! And you are probably thinking what could you give to your other half. The best way to celebrate could be by creating a special moment such as a romantic dinner, a date at your favorite place, tickets for a concert, etc. However if you still want to exchange some gifts, here is a list of 12 ideas for eco-friendly valentine’s day gifts that you can do on your own and will probably won’t end up in the trash.

So take your pen and paper and start taking notes.

1. Papier Mâché Rose Petals

Instead of buying some plastic rose petals or breaking some overpriced red roses into pieces. You can get creative and do your own rose petals with papier mâché. Just get some newspaper sheets, water, paint and flour and get ready for a romantic decoration.

DIY - Papier Mache PetalsSource: Shopify

2. Write a Letter on Recycled Paper

You can either buy a very special recycled paper that you like or if you have the time and dedication create the recycled paper on your own. What can be more original than a love letter written on your own handmade paper? Take a look at our post here to learn how to DIY.

DIY Recycled Paper

Source: Etsy

3. Plantable Seed Confetti

You can buy some plantable seed confetti in the shape of  hearts. This is a very special gift as you can plant the seeds afterwards and see the different wildflowers growing. Not only it is eco-friendly but it is also biodegradable and super original. If you have the time, then you can also create your own plantable seed embedded confetti. You can see how to do it step by step on our post here.

Plantable seed heart shaped confetti

Source: Etsy

4. A Collection of Wildflowers

Instead of buying overpriced roses, why not going for a walk and collecting some wildflowers? This will not only create a more original flower bouquet but will require more effort. I’m sure a personalized handpicked wild flowers bouquet will make any girl very happy!

Wildflowers Valentine's Day Gift

Source: Avenue Lifestyle

5. Personalized Tea Bags

This gift idea is one of my favorite ones as it requires little work, but it can have great results. If your loved one loves to drink tea, you can customize a tea box with her/his favorite teas and add a special message on each tea bag label. You can be sure that you will be remembered every time a tea bag is consumed!

DIY Personalized Tea Bags

Source: Sugar Aunts

6. Felt Hearts with Lavender

These felt hearts are quite easy to do and can be very useful, you just need a few sheets of felt, scissors, lavender and thread. This hearts can then be placed on a hanger in the wardrobe, so the clothes keep fresh and scented. You can also customize each heart with a special message, so each time your loved one takes a hanger from the wardrobe a love message can be found.

DIY - Felt Hearts with Lavender

Source: Etsy

7. Toilet Paper Roll Wrapping

If your loved one, loves chocolates or candies, you should definitely buy some, however to make the gift more special, take away the standard wrapper and wrap them on a personalized toilet paper cardboard. Then you can add a nice label to it.


Source: The Long Thread

8. Upcycled Jar with Candies

Another way to wrap your candies or chocolates for Valentine’s Day is in upcycled jars. Just wash them very good and decorate them with personalized designs and messages. After the candies are finished you can reuse them to store more stuff.


Source: DIY Showoff

9. Love Letter in a Reused Glass Bottle

If you feel like writing a love letter or a poem, why not wrap it in a romantic way such as an upcycled glass bottle with a cork? To make it more beautiful you can decorate with ribbons and hearts confetti. This is super easy to do and very romantic!

Glass Bottle with love letter

Source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

10. A Plant in a Personalized Can

Another way to substitute the typical Valentine’s day red roses is to give a plant instead. Not only the plant will last much longer, but it will remind you of your relationship and how love needs to be cared like a plant. You can make it more romantic and personalized by placing the plant into an upcycled can decorated on your own.

DIY-Plant in Upcycled Can

Source: CEM 2015


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