Carnival Costumes at Cologne, Germany

Carnival Costumes CologneThis week the Carnival is celebrated in many cities in Europe, among them Luxembourg and Germany. Carnival or Kavalkade as we call it in Luxembourg, has been a tradition from many years, some sources say that this tradition started among the farmers, who were going from house to house in the villages collecting food, wearing masks and making noise.

Nowadays the celebration continues and people get costumes and masks while watching a parade on the streets and making party afterwards. I would like to share with you some pictures taken at the Cologne Carnival this week so you get some inspiration on costumes and decorations.

I hope you enjoy! And let me know your comments, do you celebrate carnival? Have you attended any parades this year?

Carnival Cologne 2016 Carnival Cologne Carnival Cologne Carnival Cologne Carnival Cologne Carnival Cologne


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