Octans Bar Christmas Decoration

OCTANS BAR CHRISTMAS DECOAs part of these season’s Christmas decorations ideas, I had the opportunity to work with Octans bar in Luxembourg city to decorate one of their windows.  I was totally honored to be able to expose The Party Ville decorations in such a beautiful bar.

I really love the concept of Octans, it opened some months ago in Luxembourg city and I have to say that they have one of the best customer service in town. First of all I really like whole concept of this bar, as it is very original. In case you don’t know Octans is the name of a constellation in the form of an eight sided polygon and located in the deep southern sky. So imagine to go to a bar that reminds you of this constellation, the universe, the stars, the space, etc. If you have not been there you should totally try it.

Second of all I really like about this place is that they specialize in cocktails, if you know me good enough you will know already that I am a big fan of cocktails and you can see some cocktail recipies here. Something very nice is that they can prepare any cocktail you wish, with any available ingredient and alcohol, isn’t that great?

So coming back to the point I had the opportunity to create some personalized Christmas decorations for them, it was nice to be able to work with such a great concept as I knew I had to do something minimalistic and in line with the constellation, so I chose to do some Himmeli Ornaments that could represent the stars of the constellation and could be done with plastic straws. Additionally, I was able to upcycle some empty glass bottles and pain them in gold, while adding some pine cones I got from our garden to represent the earth. If you wish to learn how to do these decorations, you can take a look at my next posts : DIY Straws Christmas Ornaments and DIY Upcycled Golden Christmas Décor.

You can see the pictures below, let me know if you like them.

Octans Bar Luxembourg

Octans Christmas

Octans Luxembourg Window Deco

Octans Bar Luxembourg decorations

Octans Bar Luxembourg

Octans Luxembourg

Octans Luxembourg Decoration


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