DIY: Upcycled Golden Christmas Vases

DIY GOLDEN CHRISTMAS VASESI would like to share with you today how to upcycle some empty wine glass bottles and some pine cones into a beautiful golden Christmas decoration that will look any space more elegant.

I used these decorations to complement a window display for a bar in Luxembourg city call Octans, you can see the full project on the post: Octans Bar Christmas Decoration. This project is very quick and easy to do, below is the tutorial where you can learn step by step to do it on your own.


– Empty glass bottles

– Wooden sticks

– Straws

– Glue gun

– Golden paint

– Scissors

– Pine cones

DIY - Upcyled Golden Christmas Vases


1. Start by collecting some pine cones from the forest in case you live in an area with forests around. Clean them and let them dry so they open up.

Pine cones Luxembourg


2. If your pine cones have some extra leaves like the ones I collected, remove them with scissors so they look nicer.

Cut pine cones

3. When you have them cleaned up they should look like the picture below.

Clean pine cone

Clean pine cones

4. Now take the wooden sticks and pinch the pine cones from under.

Pine cone with sticks

5. Once you have the wooden sticks on the pine cones, secure them with a little bit of hot glue from the glue gun.

Pine cone sticks diy

6. To have larger sticks on each pine cone, you can either get extra large wooden sticks, or do like me, I just added some straws on top of the wooden sticks and secured them with a few drops of hot glue.

DIY Pine cone stick

7. Paint the glass bottles with the golden paint and let them dry. Then place the pine cone sticks on them in different levels, adjust the levels by cutting the sticks accordingly.

Pine cone chrismas vases

8. Paint the pine cones with the golden pain and you are finished!

golden vases christmas

Christmas golden decoration







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