Christmas Napkins Decoration Ideas

CHRISTMAS NAPKINS DECO IDEASChristmas is coming soon! People are busy buying gifts, decorations, food, etc, so not so much time is left for the little details like decorating your napkins for your Christmas dinner. Good news, you can do very cute decoration with little money and almost no waste. Here I share with you some ideas:

1. Cinnamon Sticks and Pine Leaves

Christmas Table Deco

2. Cranberry Crowns

Christmas Napkins Decoration

3. Golden Tree Leaves

Christmas Decoration Leaf

4. Pine Tree Leaves

Christmas Napkin Deco

5. Candy Canes and Pine Leaves

Christmas Napkins Deco

6. Rosemary Leaves

Christmas Napkis Decoration

7. Cinnamon Sticks and Red Berries

Christmas Napkins Cinnamon

8. Rosemary Crowns

Christmas Napkins Deco

9. Christmas Flower in Felt

Christmas Napkins Decoration

10. Peppermint Candies and Pine Leaves

Christmas Decorations Peppermint

Image credits: 1. Wer Annas 2. Say Yes 3. 4.Land of Nod 5.A Spoon Full of Sugar 6. Style Me Pretty 7. Latte Lisa  8. Craft River  9. HG TV 10.The Lettered Cottage


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