How to Create a Dessert Table

Dessert Table DecorationDessert tables are a very nice way to decorate a party venue by using the food and drinks as decorative elements. Dessert tables are very common in the U.S. and Latin America and they add a special touch to every event such as: birthday parties, weddings or a corporate events.

On dessert tables, some sweet desserts or candies are exposed in an eye appealing way and people can serve themselves their favorite desserts. The good news is that they are very easy to create, you just need to follow some rules and the rest is about your creativity and choice of desserts.

Step 1 Choose a theme

Choose a theme or set of colors for your dessert table, think about the audience of your party, the mood you want to have and the location. It is good to start with the theme, so you can adpat all the other elements to it, you can also design some “printables” to make sure that there is a coordination between the elements by adding some tags, ribbons or labels.

Dessert tableSource: Crafthubs

Step 2 Get some desserts or candies

This is the main element for a dessert table, because without them you cannot really have one. You can either chose to ask a baker or a catering company to create some nice sweet finger food and desserts or you can create them on your own. The main desserts normally used are: cupcakes, pop cakes, sweet pudding, marshmallows and brownies.

The desserts can be according to your theme. You can also buy some candies on your own, choose candies that are close to the theme colors to make them look more integrated into the whole decoration. You can buy around 5 different types of candies and 5 different types of desserts.

Desserts and CandiesSource: Cool Wallpapers

Step 3: Expose your beverages

Beverages are essential for every party, however most of the time they are hidden in the fridge or placed in the eating tables without creating any value. In dessert tables you have the ability to use your beverages as part of the decoration in different ways, you could for example pour them in pretty containers, add labels to the bottles or add some nice paper straws.

Dessert Table BeveragesSource: Etsy

Step 4: Get some containers

Get some pretty glass transparent containers to display you candies and small desserts. for example apothecary jars, cake holders, jars, bowls, etc.  For the big desserts or cakes, you can place them in some trays or cake displays, the material and color of them should be according to your theme.

Containers for candy barSource: FroggyFrogs

Step 5: Create depth and height

To make your dessert table more interesting, try to find some elements to gain height and depth such as boxes, bases or something that can be able to carry some containers to create  different levels. You could also get some small racks, crates, candle holders or small bookcases to place them and use them both for decoration and to create different levels.

Items for height on candy bar

Step 6: Add some decoration

Now that you have your table set, you can add some decoration to make it look even prettier. You can start with the backdrop, just behind your table so you can have a background, you can use a nice pattern wallpaper, a wooden pallet or simply have a white wall with some paper fans or pinwheels.

For the top of the dessert table you can hang some pom poms, paper lanterns or garlands and on the table as you can add some trimmings such as ribbons, flower petals, stones or pearls.

Finally adapt the different elements to the theme, you can do this with personalized labels and ribbons. You can also get some extra decorations according to the theme such as wooden letter, picture frames, etc and add the name of the person/event to each label.

Dessert Table DecorationSource: Etsy

Step 7: Don’t forget the extra materials

Don’t forget to add the scoops and individual bags or boxes so your guests can serve themselves. The scoops are recommended to be also transparent so they can match the containers or in silver if your containers are like this.

scoops_candy bar_scoops


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