DIY Berry Table Set

Berry Table Set DIY

Here you will find the step by step guide to can create a berry table set, this is very easy to do at home and it can add some originality to your summer party, just follow these steps:


  • Red/ White Napkins
  • Scissors
  • Red or red/white eco-friendly paper plates
  • White/Red eco-friendly reusable plates
  • Red patterned ribbon
  • Metal / Bamboo reusable or eco-friendly table set
  • A bunch of natural berries


  1. Fold the napkins in half, cut pieces of around 15 cm of the pattern ribbon.

Table Set Berries

2. Place the eco-friendly paper plate under the ceramic or reusable plate. Then wrap the ribbon around the napkin folded in half and place some berries on top.

Berry Table set

3. Place the silver/metal/bamboo table set inside the ribbon and under the berries.

Barry Table Decoration

5. Place your berry table sets on the table and you are done.

Berry Summer Party


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