Garden Birthday Party

Garden party Luxembourg For Spring this year, as we had recently renovated our garden, I decided to do a Garden Themed Birthday party. A garden party theme is quite original, as you can use your creativity, to create many deserts that look like dirt using chocolate and some mint leaves. Also it allows to profit from the nice weather of sprint, enjoy your garden and be in contact with the nature. I can say also that in terms of decoration material you can use many things at home and buy almost nothing, a very practical and eco-friendly theme.

You can find here some ideas that I did, I hope you like them:

arden party Inspiration Board

Buy some fake butterflies and add them to your green plants or buxus type of plans like the ones on the picture below:

Garden party Luxembourg

Bake some chocolate muffins and add some green fondant decorations to simulate growing plans or vegetables:

Garden party Luxembourg

Create a home made dip with a mix of several herbs, cut cucumbers in slides and offer it to your guests, if you are interested in the recipe please take a look at my previous post: “Homemade Herbs Dip for your parties”.

Garden party Luxembourg

Bake chocolate muffins and decorate them instead of with green fondant with natural green mint leaves:

Garden party Luxembourg

Create a garden invitation and invite people to bring their own flower or plant as a gift their planting materials. As an activity you can plan their gift together and tag them so you remember each one of your guests gifts.

Garden party Luxembourg

Have you ever done a garden party? If yes let me know how it went, I will be happy to see your comments.


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