Winter Wonderland Party

Frozen birthday7

For Winter, as Eric’s birthday was approaching, I wanted to create a theme that was easy and had something to do with the Snowy winter weather in Luxembourg at that time. So this is why a Blue Frozen Winter Party was done. This is not the typical Disney Frozen princesses party, however I took some ideas of those parties to create a masculine Frozen party. Have you ever done a Winter wonderland theme?

Please see some picture of the candy bar and drinks below:

Frozen birthday7

Some pastel blue and white meringue desserts:

Frozen birthday5

Blue Jello that looked like Ice Cubes:

Frozen birthday4

Some silver beads on blue napkins to decorate the tables:

Frozen birthday3

Finally some more beads and spheres for the table decorations:

Frozen birthday2

Some blue curacao winter frozen cocktails:


This is how i did the decoration on the cups:

Frozen birtthday6

Frozen birthday8


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