Hollywood Christmas Party

Hollywood Party Luxembourg

Would you like to make your employees feel like Hollywood stars? With the Hollywood Christmas party theme this is possible! Treat your employees like VIP famous stars.

At this theme party we hired a big limousine Hollywood style to pick up our employees and bring them to the venue of the party. The party took place at the exclusive Hotel Le Chatelet, located in Luxembourg city, the restaurant of the Hotel “La Cantine” had recently got their VIP Gourmand star and we were very happy to work with them for the Christmas dinner of our client.

The hotel entrance was decorated with a big red carpet, and we had VIP areas reserved for them. We also had several Oscar’s trophies to be given as awards to the employees, quizzes about famous songs and movies, as well as hostess dressed up as Oscar’s statues.

For entertainment we had a jazz band with a beautiful singer who looked like Mariah Carey singing the most famous covers as well as performing a song guessing game, where each guest could win fake money and a magnum bottle of champagne.

Finally we had a photo booth corner with VIP props. Some pictures of the event below:

Corporate Christmas Party LuxembourgDKO-2DKO-5DKO-7DKO-14DKO-15DKO-17DKO-19DKO-47DKO-55DKO-128DKO-130DKO-131DKO-177DKO-179


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