Murder in the 1930´s Party

Murder Party Luxembourg.jpg

A murder party is a great idea to have your guests entertained the whole night while having a nice dinner. For this Christmas party we chose to have a murder party animation for our client, we added the theme of 1930´s in order for the guests to have a dress code and for the decoration to be more symbolic.

The venue for the party was the restaurant Le Sud, located in Luxembourg city, the rooms of the restaurant have a vintage decoration already that was perfect for our theme. We had a professional company who took care of the murder show, with professional actors and clues, the whole animation was a big surprise for our guests, who were not expecting to have a murder in house.

While the guests were enjoying their cocktails and finger food at the roof terrace bar of the restaurant, the actors came screaming that somebody had been killed!! We had discretely set up the whole crime scene at the restaurant where the dinner would take place, so the guests had a big surprise to discover their crime scene at the place for dinner.

You can find some pictures of the theme Murder Christmas party below:

DSC_0394DSC_0387DSC_0377DSC_0434DSC_0455DSC_0470DSC_0476Murder Party Luxemborg



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