Pijama Party!

Pijama Party Luxembourg

A pijama party in Luxembourg is such a great idea! Specially on the season when the weather is quite cold and kids need to have parties indoors. Pijama parties are a great way to have a girls birthday party at home and combining a bit of beauty and games on the party.

On these occassion as luxembourg party planners, we had the mission to plan Julia’s pijama party. The colours chosen for the party were: violet, mint and pink. Only girls were invited to the party and the games and entertainment was all for girls too.

We started looking for inspiration and decided to create a balloons arch around the desserts table, we added a few flowers on the balloons arch to create a more natural effect and allowed it to be longer on one side of the table.

Pijama party Luxembourg

For the dessert table we chose a light pink table cloth, a white tulle backdrop and golden letters to create the happy birthday sign. Then we added a cake stand to place the beautiful cake created by Celebrating Luxembourg.


Additionally we also had some pop cakes which we placed on cake stands as well as fruit skewers placed on food trays. Additionally we had some handmade popcorn boxes with pop corn with labels that read “Sweet dreams” and some custom made party bags too. The whole party dessert table looked very beautiful!


As entertainment for the party, we had many activities for the girls. The first activity was to decorate their own pijama t-shirts with pearl paints, sequins and ribbons. Each girl had a lot of fun choosing their own design and decorating their t-shirt.

Another activity we had was a beauty salon, for this, we brought a white console and a mirror to be transformed into a beauty salon. Then each girl had to sit, choose their hairstyle and accessories and enjoy being pampered. We created braids on each little girl and prepared them for the next activity which was, to create their own flower crowns.

Finally we had the cake, sang happy birthday and opened the birthday presents! This was for sure a very fun and pretty party and we were very happy to be part of it.











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