Light Pastels Wedding

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

This wedding was celebrated at Le Sud in Luxembourg city, a beautiful restaurant and events venue with a panoramic view of Clausen.

As a wedding planner, when I met the couple for the first time, we met at this venue and since the beginning they said they had fallen in love with the place, service and food! From that moment, we started to speak about their ideas on their perfect day, and how I could help them make the whole wedding planning easier.

When starting to brainstorm about the theme, it turned out that they both had a special love on pastel colours specially light blue, light green and nautical colours, as the bride had grew up next to the sea and those colours meant a lot to her. It was agreed that the decorations will be then in those tones, with a touch of light pink.

When choosing the flowers, the type of flower was not so important for them, it was more the colours and the fact that they loved succulent plants, so all the flower arrangements should have some of them. It was also mentioned that they wanted to have something very simple and not too many decorations, as the place itself was already beautiful.

I was happy to have a clear idea of what they liked and the plan of what was needed. The bride was a very crafty person so she took in charge a lot of the decorating tasks such as the creation of the floor plan, the stationary, place cards, table numbers, etc. So at this wedding our charge was more the planning and coordination of the suppliers and to make sure all the decorations and flowers were set on place.

I was very happy to have Nadia Vaisse Photography at the wedding, as she did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the wedding and the beautiful decorations. Here you can see some pictures of the wedding that she took.

Kara Will 13

Kara Will

Kara Will 14


Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Le Sud Wedding Luxembourg


Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Wedding Planner Luxembourg



2 thoughts on “Light Pastels Wedding

  1. Should I get married again (I don’t think so.. but who never knows!) I will definitely get married at Le Sud. It was among the choices for my first marriage but my ex husband preferred something different and I regret it so much now!

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