Golden Romantic Wedding

Wedding Chateau Du Bois Arlon

Golden is still one of the favourite colours on the season and mixed with a peach tone makes the perfect combination. At the Chateau du Bois of Arlon, golden is a colour that matches very good the interior decoration as you will see on the next pictures, the carpet of the castle party room is golden and the curtains have also golden details.

After having meet the couple over one year ago, I was very happy to help them with the planning on their wedding, step by step as well as to design the overall theme of the wedding.

We started by reviewing several themes and colour palettes, the theme chosen was golden classic and the colour palette was golden, peach, white and beige. After setting up the theme, the discussions on the different decoration elements started some of them were:

Table Decorations

We had our large golden chandeliers decorated with big flower balls arrangements on each table.Some candle holders with golden details were added on cream colour table clothes and golden napkins.

Wedding Planner 19

The main table had a golden sequins table cloth which grabbed the audience’s attention and in front there were MR and MRS letters in gold. Additionally a menu card was placed on each table and the tables were named after the favourite songs of the couple in white baroque picture frames.

Wedding Planner 16

Dinner Room Decoration

To decorate the room where the dinner will take place, we used the hight of the green house to hang some small glass terrariums with candles and flower balls. This allowed the room to look even prettier while giving a romantic atmosphere not only on the tables but also on the ceiling.

Wedding Planner 18

Additionally a tent was added as there were over 170 guests who attended the wedding and it was important to have everybody together  and keep the dance floor also in the same room. The tent was decorated with white textile curtains, and glass terrariums as well.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Both the green house and the tent were decorated with LED light in golden and yellow tones that will give the room a cosy touch and will create a spectacular look.

Wedding Planner 17

Reception Room

The entry to the reception was decorated with a small canopy with white fabrics, a red carpet, hydrangea flowers, lanterns and a golden mirror as a welcome sign placed on our golden stand.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 14

The reception room is particularly big at the Chateau du Bois d’ Arlon, so we took advantage of that by placing a dessert table on it, as well as the guest book, wedding favours and sitting plan.

As party favours there were small bottles of oil that came from the region where the couple came from, a very special detail that made the wedding more personal.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

The guest book consisted on small wooden hearts that each person could sign, placed on a frame and next to the guest book we placed a giant golden confetti balloon from our party shop located at Unicorner Concept Store

At the top of the dessert table we also placed small glass terrariums with candles to continue the same theme as in the dinner room.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 15

Aperitif Terrace

The aperitif took place at the terrace located on the main building of the castle, at side entry, we placed a wooden tripod with a welcome sign and decorated with wooden crates, lanterns and flowers. Ivy plants looked quite beautiful around the entry. Then the stairs were decorated with flowers and greenery around the steps and at the hand rail.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 0

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 3

Some cocktail tables were placed and decorated with small flower arrangements on the theme of the party around the main terrace and some white sun umbrellas were also placed, as the day was very sunny.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 1

The catering company Niessen Traiteur was in charge of the providing the food at the event and did a wonderful job. Different food stations were placed in the terrace with some thematics according to the nationality of the bride and groom, there was a Portuguese food station, an Italian food station and a Luxembourgish barbecue station, the guests could walk around the terrace and choose their favourite food.

A bar serving champagne, beer, soft drinks and cocktails was also placed at the terrace so people could have direct access to the drinks while enjoying the beautiful terrace view of the forest.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 4

Outdoor Areas

The castle is a very  big venue, one of the biggest wedding venues in Luxembourg, so it could easily fit the more than 160 guests who attended this wedding all from international backgrounds and several nationalities including: Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 11

To embellish the already beautiful outdoor areas we hanged plenty of decorative elements on the large trees of the castle located between the main building and the dinner building. We placed small mirrors, terrariums, flower balls and lanterns on the branches of the tress forming a magical and romanic atmosphere.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 12

On the roads we also placed candles and lanterns to mark the way from one building to the other as well as a long red carpet.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 10

Finally next to the aperitif area, we placed white letters with the name of the couple, flowers and hanging lanterns. All these details made the already beautiful venue a special and personalised place for the wedding.

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Wedding Planner Luxembourg 5

And here is a picture of us, only part of the team who made possible this wedding ❤

Organisation de Mariage Luxembourg

This was for sure a memorable event! If you wish to know the total list of providers for this wedding or to have a similar wedding on your own don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


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    I would like to inquire if you decorate a wedding hotel reception? We are planning to have a stage decoration base on our theme. Our wedding date is on Aug.28,2021 at Doubletree hilton hotel.

    Looking forward to hear from you to discuss some options

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