Winter Wedding Ideas


For this winter The Party Ville is happy to help a lovely couple organise their wedding! It is such an original idea to get married in winter, even without so much sun, a wedding can be quite romantic, cosy and beautiful!

The first thing we did to start planning this winter wedding was an inspiration board on Pinterest, so see which colours, patterns and styles would fit with the couple and how we could decorate and find suppliers that will help have the wedding or their dreams!

So here we share with you some ideas for a winter wedding, you can see the full winter wedding ideas board on our pinterest account.

  1. Winter Weddings doesn’t have to be cold

One of the main objectives was to avoid cold colours like blue, white, grey. The wedding can also be colourful, cosy and warm.


Source: 100 Layer Cake

2. Winter Weddings can be sparkling

As the sun goes away much earlier in December, it is a great opportunity to profit from sparklers and lights to make a beautiful atmosphere.


Source: Wedding Forward

3. The flowers can be offseason

Even though the nice peonies are off season, it is easy to switch to ranunculus and round roses, and adding only a few peonies in between.

Winter Wedding Flowers.jpg

Source: Lindsey Brunk

4. Profit from the snow

The snow and winter landscape can be beautiful for pictures, with pines, christmas lights and snowflakes.

Winter Wedding Snow.jpg

Source: Meg Wedding

5. Not only Christmas!

A winter wedding decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to Christmas decorations, red, green and gold colours, etc. You can be creative and set your own colours palette without necessarily falling into a christmas theme.


Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

6. Fur is so cosy and elegant!

A winter wedding is the perfect occasion for the bride to wear a beautiful fur wrap and she will look like a princess!

Winter Wedding Fur.jpg

Source: Wedding Forward

7. Profit from the fireplace

If your venue has a fireplace, a winter wedding is the perfect occasion to put them on and have a super cosy party.

winter wedding chim

8. Profit from the nature

A winter wedding is the perfect occasion to get creative using nature elements to decorate, such as greenery, branches, pinecones, etc. These elements can be very beautiful and original to decorate your guests tables.

Winte Wedding.jpg

Source: Melissa Kelsey Photography

9. Don’t forget the candles

A perfect occasion to integrate lots of candles into the wedding, even you can choose a special scent so all the venue can smell the same, what about cinnamon? or eucalyptus? It will for sure make a difference and people will always remember this cosy touch.


Source: Un Lieu Sur Terre

10. Fireworks!

Fireworks are always a great way to celebrate a wedding with an amazing effect, adding a special energy to the event and even better in winter, when it it gets darker earlier!

winter wedding fireworks

Source: Popsugar


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