Winter Colourful Wedding

Wedding Planner Luxembourg

Who said that winter weddings need to be cold and christmassy? This wedding was the exception, as the couple wanted to have bright colours in their winter wedding, as well as peonies, roses and eucalyptus in a colour palette or blush pink, bright pink , burgundy and orange.

The venue for this wedding was Domaine de la Gaichel a very fancy hotel and restaurant located in the East of Luxembourg. This venue has beautiful gardens, rustic classy style interior design and delicious food, as they own one Michelin Star. The venue is perfect for winter as the events room is quite big to have the whole party indoors and the reception room has dark wooden furniture and a lot of candles in warm colours that makes a cosy event.

This wedding was planned in very short notice, with only about 3 months in advance, however this was not a problem for us, as we could quickly help our clients find the right providers and design their wedding exactly how they imagined.

To start with the wedding design, we started creating a Pinterest board: Winter Wedding with images of inspiration to define the theme of the wedding and get to know the taste of the couple.

After knowing their wishes, we started to look for providers such as a photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hair dresser, wedding car, florist , DJ, and even fireworks! After only a few weeks all the providers were already chosen and everything went smoothly.

The flowers bouquet for the bride was a beautiful in the theme colours and flowers, it was small but very pretty and classy.

For the table decorations it was decided to use some eucalyptus and some flower arrangements with the flowers chosen by the bride, then cut crystal candle holders were added to the tables, and brown glasses. Finally we added one eucalyptus branch on every napkin folded on top of each plate. The tables looked warm, colourful and cosy.

On the tables we also placed a few cards that contained games for the bride and groom such as an advice for the couple game card and a toast game card.

To decorate the room, there were LED lights illuminating the dance floor and warm light coming from the ceiling chandelier lamps. We also added a photo booth corner with many photo booth props and a corner for the guest book.

The environment of the party was very nice as most of the people were speaking English, a part of them coming from latin america, others from the US, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. The wedding had several games, speeches and even a video made for the couple that almost made me cry.

It was a very fun and emotional wedding and we were happy to be part of it! Here below are some pictures taken by the official photographers of the wedding F & G Photography.

Winter Wedding 2

Winter Wedding 3

Winter Wedding Luxembourg

Winter Wedding 5

Winter Wedding 4

Winter Wedding 12

Winter Wedding 6




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