Christmas Pressboard Painting

PRESSBOARD CHRISTMAS DECOThis Christmas season, I had the opportunity to take classes to learn how to paint and decorate pressboard figures to make Christmas decorations. I am very thankful with my great teacher as she showed me many different techniques to create beautiful stuff.

Pressboard is made from recycled compressed carton, so this material is not only ecological but it is also very durable. It gives the impression of wood, but it is cheaper.

I would like to share with you what I learned so you can try on your own to paint some decorations.

Materials needed:

– Acrylic paintings

– Pastels

– Water

– Eraser

– Cotton swab

– Paint Brushes

– Snow paste

– Black thin marker


1.Start by painting with the paint brushes the pressboard piece with the acrylic paintings, make sure each time you stop using one brush you leave it in water.

2.Once the paint is dry, paint the contouring with the cotton swab and the pastels, to highlight each design. If you painted an area by mistake, you can remove it with the eraser.

DIY Christmas Decorations

3.Take the black thin marker and start drawing all the lines, contour and expression lines. Also you can add a boarder on the figures with a line and a dot as seen on the picture.

4.Finally take your snow paste and place some drops on the areas where you want to simulate snow for the Christmas decorations.

Christmas Pressbpard Deco



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