How to Do an Ecofriendly Halloween Costume?

Cardbox Halloween CostumeThe trend for this Halloween is to celebrate the most ecologically possible, and one step to do so is by trying to get an Eco Halloween Costume, however this sounds very nice, but in reality it is not so easy to come up with ideas on how to create such thing. This is why I have created this list of 10 ideas of resources you can use, so you can be able to do an eco-friendly Halloween for yourself of your family. If you want to see some examples of already done costumes then you should take a look at these post: Eco Halloween Costume Ideas.

  1. Use Existing Clothes

Take a look at your wardrobe before looking for a new costume, there are some things that you can easily transform into costumes such as leotards, tights, hats, accessories, etc. Many times you have some clothes that you don’t like anymore, so instead of throwing them away, try to give them a new look for a costume or create something new with them like for example garlands, napkin holders, etc.

Ecofriendly Halloween Costume

Source: My Kids Adventures

2. Try Second Hand

If you couldn’t find enough clothes and accessories in your closet, try to take a look at your local second had shops or garage sales, sometimes they have clothes that are almost for free that could complement your costume. It is better to take a look there before buying something new.

Second Hand Costume

3. Rely on Face Painting

In case your costume is very simple, complement it with a great face painting, you could be for example a black cat, vampire,angel, etc. with not a lot of effort in the costume but more on the face painting. There are very good tutorials on YouTube on how to do face painting and you will help a lot the environment by doing so.

Face Painting Eco HalloweenSource: Savy Sugar

4. Costume Swap with Friends

If you really want to wear a costume, then you could ask your friends to see if they have any costumes that they worn on the last years that you could borrow, and you could offer in exchange any that you already have. This will allow you to look great without having to buy new stuff.

Costume Swap HalloweenSource: Jillian MIchaels

5. Use Your Trash

Take a look at your trash bin or your community recycle center for any articles you could upcycle and transform into a costume such as: cardboard boxes, bottle taps, cans, plastic containers etc. These materials are great for costumes like robots, astronauts, trains, cars, etc.

Cardbox Halloween CostumeSource: Craftgawker

6. Do It Yourself

Get creative and do a costume on your own, just buy some fabrics and start cutting, you don’t even need to be an expert in sewing, as many costumes can require no sewing at all. In these way you will for sure save money and create something personalized taking more care of our environment.

DIY Halloween CostumeSource: Lauren Conrad

7. Buy Something That you Can Reuse

Go shopping for clothes that you can use for your costume and wear them afterwards as normal clothes, some ideas could be colorful dresses, shirts, leggings, tights, etc. Use your imagination to add DIY accessories and transform your clothes into a costume.

Green Halloween CostumeSource: Studio DIY

8. Use Someone’s Job Uniform

Ask someone you know for his job’s uniform for example if a friend is a doctor, cook, mechanic, pizza delivery, hooters girl, Mc Donald’s, etc. You can always ask them to let you use their uniform for one time and have your costume.

Friends JobSource: Dreams Time

9. Use Someone’s Sports Uniform

If you or anybody from your family practices any sports or attends some classes such as soccer, ballet, basketball, karate, etc. you can use the uniform as a costume and add additional accessories or face painting.

sports Halloween costumes

Source: Unknown

10. Find Something from Home

Take a look around your home and see if you could use any articles that you use on daily basis such as: pots, blankets, bandages, spoons, etc. transform those elements into easy to do costumes such as the typical ghost blanket costume, the mummy with bandages or the Wizard of Oz Tin Man costume.

Ghost costumeSource: Candy Site


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