DIY: Yarn Pom Poms

The Party Ville Yarn Pom Poms

I love pom poms, they look so beautiful and they are the perfect element to decorate any party, from a wedding to a baby shower. I have recently created some pom poms that you can reuse many times, as unfortunately the pom poms made of paper, are ecological as they can be easily biodegradable, but most of the times you can only use them once.

These pom poms are made of yarn, don’t worry you don’t need to know how to knit, this is the best part! You just need a lot of patience and time, but the results will be nice and you will be able to use them as many times as you want.

To create yarn pom poms you only need 3 things:

  • Yarn
  • A carton circle with a hole in the midle
  • Scissors

So now to start you just need to get your carton circle on the size that you wish to have your pom pom, then you just twist the yarn around it until it is full, when finished you tie a knot and cut the carton away.

Here are some pictures:

Yarn Pom Pom tutorial

Yarn Pom Pom Template

Template by tricksyknitter

Yarn Pom Pom The Party Ville

Yarn Pom Pom DIY

The Party Ville Yarn Pom Poms


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