Recipe: Macaroons Sucrees

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I love macaroons, and now one of the products Party Ville is offering is Macaroons to decorate everything you want and to make it much nicer. This little desserts are really expensive, but I have learned to make them on my own and I don’t regret it for one second. Here are some pictures of the last macaroons I did, I hope you enjoy!

795_10151369148106518_255164406_n 3503_10151369161891518_459492110_n 12592_10151369148221518_874662271_n 31570_10151369148426518_1777411155_n 32419_10151369148496518_2127961276_n 75285_10151369148931518_609214639_n 319504_10151369148466518_1156228822_n 479771_10151369148836518_2117030453_n


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