10 Awesome Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas Luxembourg

Tea parties are very trendy these season as you can really profit from the nice sunny weather and celebrate in the garden. I really love this theme as there are so many beautiful ideas to create a great party. The decorations are also very nice, as you can always choose a shade of pinks or even pastel colours, and mix them with vintage tea sets and furniture.

I one week I will plan my first tea party and I am very excited about it, this is why I created a board on Pinterest to get some inspiration and nice ideas, you can visit it here.

Here I created a list of my 10 favourite ideas from Pinterest for a great tea party, take a look at them and let me know which one is your favourite.

1. Silver table sets- this were very common many years back, and you can easily find them in flea markets. Add some elegance to your tea party with some of these beautiful silver tea sets.

Tea Party Ideas 6

Source: Style me pretty

2. Cupcake stands – cupcake stands are great for this theme, as you can use them to hold the different type of finger food and match them with vintage tea sets.

Tea Party Ideas

Source: Preston Bailey

3. Flower garlands – Decorate the garden with beautiful flower garlands, this will give your party a more cozy feeling and a touch of nature. If the flowers are too expensive in your country, you can always replace them by artificial ones.

Tea Party Ideas

Source: Mod Wedding

4. Use Lace – Lace is very romantic and stylish, specially when mixed with flower patters, take this opportunity to decorate your party with lace table mats and ribbons.

Tea Party Ideas 4

Source: Beaucoup

5. Bird Cages – lately bird cages have been very used as decorations and in a tea party themed party they fit very good. Just add some flowers to them and place them next to your food table.

Tea Party Ideas 7

Source: Welcome Home

6. Porcelain tea sets – this is the perfect time to use those old tea sets you got from the last flea market or that you got from you grandma. Your party will look super elegant!

Tea Party Ideas 8

Source: Weddingomania

7. Sweet Treats – A perfect tea party must include a variety of cute delicious sweet treats, you can include tartlets, macarons, cupcakes and cookies.

Tea Party Ideas 9

Source: Bella Cupcakes

8. Jars full of flowers – A great decoration can be made by upcycling your empty  glass jars and bottles and using them as vases for some flowers. You can even paint them with food colourant as on the picture below:

Tea Party Ideas

Source: Rock my Wedding

9. Hats – Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring their favourite hats or hair accessories to the party, as they will look very elegant and this will create a more British environment in the party. Also hats are great for sunny days!

Tea Party Costume

Source: Matome

10. Mini Sandwiches – And finally don’t forget about the typical english mini sandwiches, you can check out some recipes like the cucumber salad sandwich, the roast beef sandwich, etc.

Tea Party Ideas 10

Source: Tea Time Magazine

So now you have many ideas for your next tea party, you can always find more on Pinterest on my Tea Party Inspiration board. I hope you enjoyed them and good luck on your party.


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