My Craft Studio Tour

DIY_ 1920's Centerpieces

Today I would like to share with you a little bit more about myself and the place where many of the ideas of this blog come from and where most of the crafts are created: my craft studio.

This is a very important room for me as I get to decorated as I want and it inspires me on the new party ideas and decoration, i find it is also the essence of The Party Ville brand as I don’t have a physical store yet were I can share with a bigger audience the space I imagine, I at least get this square meters to imagine I am in my little small shop.

In the room you will find a corner with a vintage console and some dessert table elements, a corner with the crafts, ribbons and stationary elements, a bookcase with the most recent products and at the middle my working and sewing space with a small sewing machine.

Here are the pictures, let me know your comments. Do you like it? Does it remind you of the brand?


The Party Ville Craft Studio


The Party Ville craft studio

The Party Ville Craft Studio


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